1973 volvo P1800 ES Sport Wagon

1973 volvo P1800 ES Sport Wagon Up for sale My 1973 Volvo P1800 ES Sport Wagon , The Car is Metallic Light or Baby Blue. It is a Automatic, Fuel injected 4cyl. The Fuel Injection is stock and runs very smooth. A little history behind this rare bird. Only 8078 of these were produced in the two model years less than half of those made it to the US and even Fewer came in a auto tranny and AC, The car was equipped with ac but is currently off the car as the compressor is bad. I still have all the parts. I bought this Car early This summer Sold all my toys to get her Now with winter around the corner and my garage situation changing one of the classics Needs a new home. THE CAR – Fuel injected 4cyl auto , ac option , 4 disk brake , white leather , The interior is a 9 of 10 Being very picky. Everything is stock as would have been new. the only mods to this car have been to keep it running in tip top shape new fuel injectors new timing cap rotor plugs wires new tires. The car needs nothing. A few weeks ago we said this looks like a nice one. We still think so.  The owner has turned down one sale that would have resulted in a V8 butcher job.  We would like to help an enthusiast like that.  The car is now available for $12,000.  He will be listing it again on eBay but perhaps you can work out a deal now.  You can get his contact info here and some more photos one the expired eBay ad.