Be a Barnfinder

The staff searches all over the internet and in our local geographic area for those “Cheap, Odd, Rare” vehicle finds. But we can’t be or look everywhere at once. That’s why we depend on you, our enthusiastic readers, to point out to us your backyard barnfinds, catchy Craigslist ads or unbelievable eBay buys. And, when you do, we call you our “Barnfinders.”

We can’t promise that we will feature every discovery that our “Barnfinders” point us to, but we will select those that best fit our focus on “The Cheap, The Odd, The Rare.”

Be a “Barnfinder” and point us to your best finds:

If it's an online find, just send us a link in the message box

If it's a personal find (something you found that's not online), then fill the message box with a description, location, price and contact information for the seller.

For personal finds, we also need at least one good quality picture. Use the boxes below the message box to upload as many as four photos.

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