Your staff at Barnfinds and Deals enjoys a combined 80 years of auto experience.  Including collector cars, racing, auction experience and restoration. Our mission is to send to all with the same passions we have, interesting cars, posts and news items all pertaining to our favorite subject.  Cars!  Some cheap. Some odd. Some rare.

Rick Hartbrodt, one of our contributors, whose 1954 Porsche 356 Bentwindow Continental Coupe dashboard is shown here (above right), has owned over 150 cars personally over nearly 5 decades and still races with SCCA and NASA.  He was also the inventor of the Touchless Car Cover.  (See some of Rick Hartbrodt’s cars here.)  But classic cars of all types are a passion for the all of the staff at BarnfindsAndDeals.


Rick Hartbrodt, a contributor at BarnfindsAndDeals.com with some of his cars.