1965 Alfa Romeo Sprint Special Coupe

1965 Alfa Romeo Sprint Special Coupe
Seller cleverly states that this is a 1965 Alfa Romeo Sprint Special Coupe . It is equipped with a 4 Speed Manual transmission. The vehicle is Red with a interior.
We couldn’t figure out why a seller of a $60,000 car is advertising it with only 14 words and several typos.  Then we saw it was being offered by Gullwing Motors.  They aggressively advertise for collector cars all over the country, condition be damned.  This may or may not be a bad car but they are known for selling some pretty crummy but desirable cars.  Find this car here out of NY.  What color was that interior again??
Despite this it is a gorgeous Alpha from any angle and has been on a meteoric  rise value wise the last couple years.


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