A Stretch-limo Batmobile-like Superbus

A Stretch-limo Batmobile-like Superbus
Rare?  Oh yeh. But may be coming some day to a city near you.
A stretch-limo superbus that should be capable of up to 155mph is set to be officially unveiled by the Delft University of Technology in Germany. The SUV-styled vehicle has been testing in the Netherlands, but has only reached speeds of 50mph so far, and is apparently backed by the Dutch government. It is said to be able to carry up to 23 people in comfort that is comparable to business class on a plane. It will be powered by four electric motors and is capable of travelling 130 miles between charges. It is built on an aluminium frame that is wrapped in carbon fibre, and can lower its ride height to just 7cm while travelling at speed to increase its aerodynamic profile.
Find an interesting short video here.

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