1964 Lotus 23C

1964 Lotus 23C

The Lotus 23 is part of a long tradition of Lotus’ giant-killing successes against much larger and more powerful cars. By using lightweight designs, the cars were oftentimes extremely competitive against cars like Jaguars and Ferraris, which had many multiples of the power output provided by the Lotus. The 23B variant received the twin cam engine in place of the smaller Coventry Climax units, and it was this car that Jim Clark drove away from the field at the Nurburgring 1000km in 1962. By the end of the first lap, he was leading the Porsches and Ferraris by 27 seconds, and his lead grew with each lap until a broken exhaust manifold directed fumes into the cabin and Clark was forced to retire. The 23C was the ultimate version of the car, and was a further developed version of the 23B, with larger 6 lug wheels and brakes, as well as flared fenders to accommodate them.
Find this car here at Fantasy Junction, Emeryville CA with extensive racing history at $169,500.



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