Bugatti Veyron Update

Bugatti Veyron Update

Only 300 Bugatti Veyrons in total will ever be made – and as the end of the 6-year production run approaches (this year), Bugatti execs have decided to up the ante and make “something special” of the last 40 cars to come off the line….. Why settle for a “plain old’ Veyron (1001 horsepower / 253mph) at $1.7 million – when you can get the uber-exclusive Veyron Super Sport (1200 hp / 268mph) – the world’s faster production car ever – for a mere $2.4 million?

$2.4MM is (of course) just the “base price”… custom colors & interiors are up to the limits of your imagination; If instead of paint you want to display the carbon-fiber body in all its raw glory, you’ll need to pony up an extra half million for a specially applied UV-blocking clear-coat finish. A middle eastern businessman paid and extra $1.3 million for an exclusive interior & paint job by the designer house Hermes. And there’s not one, but two, different gold-plated ones in Abu Dhabi and Kuwait (extra cost unknown – and unimaginable).

A set of tires (specially made only for the Veyron by Michelin) cost $42,000 (yes – FORTY TWO THOUSAND BUCKS) – and are only good for 15 minutes at top speed before they have to be replaced (uh-huh…. FIFTEEN MINUTES !!). If you can manage to drive “normally” (I guess for a Veyron owner that means keeping it under 200 most of the time) – then your tires will last a whopping 10,000 miles or so – but keep in mind that because the sealing bead inside the wheel rim is so critical, you will have to replace the wheels at every third tire change. SO: this means that every 30,000 miles you will spend $195,000 just on wheels & tires (that is $6.50 per mile !!!).

Normally, adding an extra year to the standard 2-year warranty costs an extra $70,000 – but with the Super Sport version you get that for free (what a deal!)…. The warranty doesn’t cover the oil changes, but if you’re on a tight budget after writing a check for those tires, you can save a little here by doing it yourself – just run on down to Pep Boys and pick up FORTY FIVE quarts of oil (!). … however – you might have to send the family jet down to the Bugatti dealership in Miami for the $1500 oil filters (you’ll need 2 for each oil change – might as well get a case of ‘em).


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  1. I understand your concerns about the tires, oil, and other mantainance costs. However, I just want to know if it takes regular unleaded (87) or premium unleaded (91). I mean, if it runs on 87 it could be quite a cost savings!

    • Good point Chris. You might be able to put a few more lbs. of pressure in the tires and still keep
      the per mile tire/wheel cost below $9.00

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